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The specifics of a routine that can help will be published next week as the second part of this blog series on injury prevention during the golf swing.

Golf Workout Regime

A well-rounded program prepares the whole body through strengthening and stretching exercises that will encompasses the entire musculoskeletal system. Injuries in golf are very common and it does not matter if you are a professional or amateur. The most common injuries occur to the lumbar spine in both amateurs and professionals. Amateurs tend to injure their upper extremity in all joints where the professional is more apt to hurt their wrists and hands.

The lead side of the body, i. Knowing that the entire body is involved in the golf swing, it would behoove all golfers to condition their entire body. Strength and flexibility programs have shown very positive results in producing a better golf game while experiencing fewer injuries. The golf swing is a series of stretch load and contract cycles throughout the musculoskeletal system. Any conditioning program has to incorporate exercises that prepare the musculature for this type of activity or they are more prone to injuries. The program needs to place a large emphasis on lower extremity, hips and core strength.

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Performing a daily stretching program will improve flexibility. The type of stretching before playing should be dynamic which involves moving in a similar way that occurs during the actual event. Seek the advice and treatment from a Physical Therapist for suggestions of specific exercises that will help you to get fit for golf, improve your game, and reduce the likelihood of injury while playing a round of golf.

Personal trainers can monitor your routine throughout the season to help guide your progression of an exercise routine. These professionals can design specific gym work outs that focus on developing strength and flexibility throughout the musculoskeletal system which better prepares you for the upcoming season. Playing golf requires that the body moves in many ways to hit the ball. A well-rounded program prepares the whole body through strengthening and stretching exercises that will encompass the entire musculoskeletal system.

The lead side of the body i. This is a simple, solid, very repeatable golf swing that makes it so much easier to hit better golf shots more consistently.

Seminar Schedule

Not just now, but for the rest of your life. Learn how to miss. Three feet downhill across a slope is not the same as three feet straight uphill. How many shorter shots does a less skilled or experienced golfer play? Over options make it harder. Adding up all the design and configuration options, there are going to be hundreds of setups that make it harder to hit good shots. Making it easier for you. There are over ways we can help you hit better golf shots more easily and more often. Who finds it hardest to get a fairway shot on a high trajectory straight at the target?

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Play golf for the Family. Save your children from the smartphone. The consequences to non-mental health through adolescence is catastrophic. Get children - every child you know - into golf. Great social experiences are important for wellbeing. Play more golf.

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Make more friends. Take part in more social events. What a way to stay fit. There is always time for golf. We promise.

9 Golf Workouts That Will Improve Your Game Tremendously

If someone gave up because Golf was challenging, call me. How many Golfers do we lose to work commitments? Do you know how many steps you take in a round of golf? Parenting requires commitment. Discover how golf is the greatest family pastime there is. Bring a golfer back to the game.

Rescue and recover a golfer. We need your help. Most of you will know an ex-golfer. Someone who fell out of love with the game. Younger, easier, for life. Get someone started. The proven impact of Random Practice.

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There are two styles of Practice. The best use of your time is? Hitting better shots makes the game more fun. What percentage of golfers playing in the next Saturday competition will have put in any real practice time? We watch so many regular, and even better golfers who live with a poorer score than they need to. The yard game. Whatever standard of golfer you are, try and find time to play 9 holes of yard golf regularly.

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Putting the game into your short-game. One is your average from 50 yards in. Have you heard this phrase. Too many amateur golfers actually strike the ball with a slightly descending blow. Three great reasons your children should learn to play golf.

Get on top of your game with our enormous guide to lowering your handicap.

We want to get under 13 juniors to experience and sample golf. How long and how often should I exercise? Struggling in the wind. Performing a daily stretching program will improve flexibility. Some may make the experience much more enjoyable for the learner.

First, they learn it so easily and get to have a lifetime of fun. Another great reason your children should. Have you ever noticed how much easier children can pick up new movement skills than adults? Encourage your children to find time to disconnect from the pressure and more connected with friends. A great reason you and your children should. One of the richest benefits of golf can be found in what happens with your family down the years.

The sequence down delivers distance. Are you in a position to release with extension? Some of the ladies on the LPGA Tour hit the ball consistently past yards, despite being shorter and lighter than many of those we see on the 1st tee struggling to get much further than yards. How does she hit it? Look at the release. On the LPGA Tour the ladies, despite a more diminutive size, are hitting it from the tee past the yard mark on occasion.

What are they doing that we can learn from? How far? How does she do it? How do these Ladies, some as short as 5 foot 3 and as light as pounds, average yards? Do you have a method for reading greens that you apply consistently? The most basic data about your golf game. Keep your stats from 40 yards.


Approach shot performance. The priorities of a Tour Professional and you are bound to be different.

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Yours are more important to us. Would you believe the difference would be 10 shots? Performance vs enjoyment. You all play golf for individual reasons. It might be to be able to play with a daughter or son, or grand-father or grand-mother. Where is your golf game? I am going to start a series of articles on key benchmarks in your golf game that you should assess, but I want to start with a really important shoutout. Best shared: the new way.


The world changes. Attitudes and expectations change.