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In my proposal, I wanted to show the diverse aspects through texture and material. In my piece I included metal hoops for the mermaid to jump through to show the exciting opportunities and interested activities you can do at Waterside. On the skin I used different textures and a mix of two colors to show the diversity in the community and how welcoming and family friendly it is. The hair is also two different color intertwining to represent how exciting and high energy Waterside is.

My intent for this piece is for the bright colors and interesting aspects to bring positivity and excitement to the community.

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Taking Back Sunday is an American rock band from Long Island, New York. The band was formed by guitarist Eddie Reyes in The band's members are Adam Lazzara, John Nolan, Shaun Cooper, and Mark O'Connell, and they are joined by Nathan Cogan. Taking Back Sunday is an American rock band from Long Island, New York. The band was formed by guitarist Eddie Reyes in The band's members are.

This mermaid is inspired by the movement of people as displayed in curling water and mist and the blinking lights of a busy city. The contrasting colors bring out each other to create a bold color palette fit for a city. A city is full of continuous movement and the interconnecting of people and places.

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The flow of the water splashes against the orange lights and the orange lights dive into the water. For my design, I made a simple design that was easy on the eye that still had a fun look, but also gave it a small amount of advertising. By that, I used the Waterside color palette that was given, and since the two primary colors were orange and the lighter of the blues, I used those the most. I also made sure to use the logo, and did minimal line designs that flowed with the shape of the mermaid.

That is why I put the objects, the glass and the music notes next to the logo, so it helps give your eye somewhere to go to. Those objects are there to also help advertise what Waterside will deliver, but in a minimal way. In conclusion, my design is a fun and simple way to help advertise.

Taking Back Sunday

I hope my design has met up to the requirements of what Waterside is all about. As a faculty member, I plan to lead by example, making it clear that work-life balance is important to me. From day one in industry, my manager told me to think about which jobs at the company interested me the most.

That way, she said, I could work to build up the skills I would need to get there in the future. That sort of support was key to making me feel like a valued employee.


I plan to do things differently. By taking time to talk with my group members about their career paths—and making it clear that I understand that some of them may not stay in academia, or even research—I can help make sure they have a positive training experience, which will benefit them, me, and the lab as a whole. Do you have an interesting career story? By Adriana L.

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Romero-Olivares Oct. By Beryl Lieff Benderly Sep. By Elisabeth Pain Apr. All rights Reserved. Robert Neubecker.

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So once we started talking to Victory I reached out to Dave and asked him to look over the contracts. Sort By: Sort By: Date. Mark smashed the drums louder than you'd expect to hear on the recordings, and Adam's enigmatic on stage persona was beyond amazing. Use of Your Information 3. Taking Back Sunday doesn't have bad songs.

Universities need to do more to support grad student parents. Read more Working Life.

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