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The daily routine for the former military man looked something like this. Each day started at a. He would update his website—showing exactly where he was on the map—and send out thank-you notes to those who donated. If he needed a hotel to stay at that next night, he would book it then. He would then stretch as his driver for that day surveyed the terrain ahead.

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He began by walking 15 miles per day but progressed to 20 miles by the very end. He would typically log 14 miles in the morning before soaking his feet in ice, eating lunch and swapping shoes. His support driver would then pick him up and take him to a nearby hotel. The next morning, he would reboot the process.

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This was the part of the journey he could prepare for—the part within his control. The rest was dependent on the weather, the state, the cars and the terrain. He cherished the back roads, not just for the scenic beauty but for the absence of automobiles—his biggest enemy and threat over the past few months.

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As he maneuvered upward in his home state, he quickly realized what he was up against. Busy Florida roads gave way to the elements. The knee-high weeds, rain and wind of North Carolina tested his physical and emotional willpower. Although he never once thought about giving up, it was a grueling stretch to get through. When he powered past North Carolina and reached Virginia, he encountered a new kind of obstacle: elevation. With so much of the spotlight put on the physical nature of this walk, it was the emotional toll—the day-in, day-out grind—that proved to be more challenging than any rainstorm or blister.

When his support drivers tried to alert him of potential weather ahead, he would cut them off shortly after they began. He hung up on her. Even when I had a bad blister, I knew I would walk through it. On one occasion, he walked right past his brother, who was shocked he was being ignored, because Albero was so focused on the task. He always immersed himself deep in his surroundings—to cherish the beauty and also to look for cars, construction or other items that could have an impact on his path. It all depended on the day and his mood. He plowed through three books on tape and kept an audio journal of his own.

He listened to New York sports talk radio. He also did occasional interviews with radio stations curious about his progress. It helped pass the time.

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Youth athletic fields across the street from the old park were commandeered, and the new stadium opened in After everything that could possibly be resold as memorabilia was meticulously harvested from the old stadium, it was demolished, and the neighborhood finally had new youth fields to replace those bulldozed to make way for the new venue. A decade later in the team officially became the New York Yankees and their home field was known as Yankee Stadium until Tags : new york transit museum , new york yankees , vintage trains. God only knows who will hit the last. You need to cut your hair.

As he progressed deeper into his journey, however, he relied less on technology. Instead of firing up his music at the start of the day, he usually walked well over five miles before he ever considered plugging in. With a master's degree in psychology, he never looked at the walk as a way to find himself.

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It just came in on its own. The monotony of his inner works was broken up by various encounters with friends old and new. During rainstorms, folks offered up shelter and assistance. Log In Sign Up.

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Yankee Stadium. Yankee tickets should be purchased in advance as games often sell out and good seats go quickly.

Before they were the famed New York Yankees, this franchise was known as the Baltimore Orioles, calling Maryland home from until they made the move to the Bronx, NY in where they then became the New York Highlanders. A decade later in the team officially became the New York Yankees and their home field was known as Yankee Stadium until Although the team got a modern new stadium, the name remained the same, though many people refer to the new location though still in the Bronx the new Yankee Stadium.

In the world of major league baseball, the best of the best players go down in a never-forgotten history called the Baseball Hall of Fame. New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles Yankee Stadium - Bronx. Cincinnati Reds Yankee Stadium - Bronx. Cleveland Indians Yankee Stadium - Bronx.

Detroit Tigers Yankee Stadium - Bronx. Pittsburgh Pirates Yankee Stadium - Bronx.

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Seattle Mariners Yankee Stadium - Bronx. Minnesota Twins Yankee Stadium - Bronx. Brooklyn Cyclones vs. Chicago Cubs Yankee Stadium - Bronx. Texas Rangers Yankee Stadium - Bronx. Some offers do not include taxes and fees.

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All offers based on availability and are subject to change without notice. With huge high-tech scoreboards in high-definition, the view quality of each and every seat has improved. The park opens at 10am on regular season day games and 4pm for night games. Click here for more information on Yankees tickets , seating chart and other important game day information. Though all teams have their ups and downs, the Yankees have made an impressive name for themselves throughout the years.

Collecting 27 World Series Championships, with the most recent win in , and 40 American League season pennants, this team has created an incredibly dedicated fan base. What makes a better gift for a Yankees fan than a jersey, hat or official team memorabilia? The Grand Slam Store in Times Square is a great place to find Yankees clothing and items, and shoppers can also find these fan favorites online. Grand Slam New York offers Yankee apparel, caps, memorabilia, gifts and souvenirs.

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