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Eating is believing! Never have I been to a restaurant where all the patrons were beaming with smiles from beginning to end, and the staff all seemed so genuinely happy to be there. You too will be able to say you paid kwai for the honour of allowing Paul Pairet and Ultraviolet to take a big, anxiety dousing wee all over you. You will never forget it, and it was worth every penny! An amazing experience at all levels.

Internet, novel, historical studies, how to revive Shanghai’s French Concession?

The service, extraordinary setting scene and foo make people delirious. I recommend it to everybody. While chatting to a friend upon her return from Shanghai, listening to her recount her amazing experience in the Chinese city, I watched her pull out a little brochure from her purse with an expression of utter excitement.

The concept was created by the French Chef Paul Pairet and is based on a fully immersive dining experience. What this concept does is to offer an innovative and experimental culinary journey. By uniting food with multi-sensorial technologies, this restaurant engages all of your senses… The experience includes light, projections, sound, music, scent, air flow, and temperature as core ingredients of the menu. Pairet decides to return to his motherland and share this unique concept with food enthusiasts like myself… here in Paris! The food was of course wonderful but all the evening itself, the food and the ambiance, was just fantastic.

I highly recommend it, at least once in your life. You will never forget this culinary and magic experience. We were just 2 of us, and actually it was great to be with other people we did not know.

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The food was beyond fantastic and amazing. The food did not overwhelm the sensory experience, which was really cool. The staff was superb and extremely friendly. Meeting the chefs at the end was an very nice treat. Turns out the head chef on our night is from Columbus, OH so we had a connection with him being from Ohio.

Internet, novel, historical studies, how to revive Shanghai’s French Concession?

There really is no way to describe the evening and do it justification. You simply must try it though. I could not recommend a restaurant more. In May , French chef Paul Pairet opened his seat multi-sensory restaurant Ultraviolet in an undisclosed Shanghai space. Behind the Scenes of Ultraviolet Restaurant for a Multi-Sensory Dinner An evening at the secret Shanghai restaurant, in the kitchen with chef Paul Pairet: a multi-sensory journey through the whole course tasting menu.

This might not be, as Pairet would say, artsy, but it is art, art in much the same way a great movie is. An invisible segment of the light spectrum is a strange name for a restaurant that offers such a visual experience, even to those who watch it on a closed circuit TV from the kitchen.

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Mar 14, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: me-likey-a-lot , borrowed , page-turner , love-me-again. Susana rated it liked it Feb 16, Shanghai has been known as "the Paris of the East" since the beginning of the last century because of its exciting nightlife, cosmopolitan atmosphere and splendid urban landscape. Ramona Badescu. Christian George Wolff. Christos Chryssopoulos.

Two, only toast one side of the bread. Just one. Toaster appliances are white man black magic devilry. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet — Evolution Situated at a secret location somewhere in Shanghai, Ultraviolet takes its guests on a culinary journey where the music, lighting and even the smell of the room are all carefully chosen to match the plate. This holistic approach takes fine dining to a whole different level and turns dinner at Ultraviolet into a truly unique experience. Meanwhile, the food was just as beautiful and delicious! UV is probably the best food experience you can have nowadays.

This is way more than just another gastro restaurant. You will not regret, you will not forget!

Nadine Pinede (Belgium / US)

The Secret Shanghai [Jean Fontenoy] on Shanghaï Secret ( Littérature Française) (French Edition) and millions of other books are available for. Le premier principe, le second principe (Littérature française) (French Edition) eBook: Serge Bramly: Kindle Store.

The Manfriend and I had a once in a lifetime date at Ultraviolet, a super secret hideaway in Shanghai. Musical selections and visual displays were thematically tied to each course: this is truly food for thought. I will return with my husband and others because this is not an experience to be found anywhere else in the world. The food theatre is at its best. It is also quite expensive, however it is worth it. The meals, service and ambience deserves a 10 star rating. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. Paul Pairet is truly amazing in conceiving a new concept in Culinary.

source link The concept is not about private dining rather it is social dining. It is truly an experience that should not be missed by anybody who loves food very much. Amazing service and quality of food was spectacular. The ingredients were rich and the dishes served were tasty that I wanted more. From German The Ultraviolet restaurant in Shanghai, the dinner becomes a Gesamtkunstwerk — incredibly pretentious but also awesome. Each course comes with a perfectly matched drink and its very own sense of space.

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Culinary opera and light shows to trend in … One of the major restaurant trends set to take off next year, for example, is the sensory dining experience pioneered by French chef Paul Pairet, whose avant-garde restaurant Ultraviolet in Shanghai serves up a theatrical meal that engages all the senses. Ultraviolet This high concept restaurant takes experimental, and experiential, dining to a whole new level.

Conceived by much lauded French chef Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet was launched in May and has boggled minds and taste buds ever since. French chef Paul Pairet had considered all of the senses—sound, sight, smell, feel, and certainly taste. Paul Pairet Interview Q. What made you want to become a chef? Translated from French Ultraviolet is a unique restaurant of its kind. It offers a taste experience, centered by the multi-sensory. An inspiring chef: Paul Pairet is what may be called an intrepid cook. He rode there the concept restaurant named Ultraviolet. The basic idea is the notion of multisensoriality.

Dinner is a global experience, where all the senses are involved. Head Chef Greg and staff will take your taste buds to a place they have never been while capturing every other sense you possess an infuse them for an unforgettable evening. But all I got to say to you is that it will take the whole evening! And 22 courses and 12 drinks are more than worth it! Be part of the privileged 10 people who dine at this amazing dining extravaganza.

You get a meeting point — there is only one table for 10! It all served in a perfectly coordinated show invented by French chef Paul Pairet. This restaurant is worth the visit to Shanghai alone. The concept is brilliant, the food quality is of the very highest standard. Not cheap for a meal but to experience this evening it was worth very penny. Nothing was too much trouble for Chef Paul or the host for the evening Sacha David Beckham lookalike.

My wife was diary intolerant and a menu was worked out just for her. I am teetotal and again non alcoholic drinks for each course was served to me. I cannot tell you the level of detail and the planning that Ultraviolet puts into each dinner but everything is thought of. You get to this old neighbourhood and stop inside a parking lot and from here the magic starts. Sascha Speckemeier as host and the inventor Paul Pairet in the engine room — and 23 other gastronauts to provide the scene.

All this for 10 guests. The journey starts and it is a super well coordinated experience. Sound, smell, texture, food, breeze, wine, video.

LIVE de Littérature : Hernani pour le Bac L 2019 !

Everything is so amazingly set up and it was a spotless performance. I will not tell you more — just go for it and experience for yourself. It cannot be described, its a feeling that will last for very long, probably your entire life. And that proved to be a good move.

This is an experience, not merely a dinner to fill your stomach.

Gonçalo M. Tavares

You will be transported to the riverside of Puxi with the view of the amazing skyline, Paris and the Eiffel Tower will be in your immediate view too. Marseille is in the backdrop as well. Each course is paired with a visual masterpiece which is at times, breathtaking. We had UV Menu A, which includes 22 courses with drink pairings. The food was stellar, and I am comparing this to other restaurants around the world at this price point.

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On the complete opposite end of the unusual Shanghai dining experiences spectrum is Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is a literal feast for the senses. Paul Pairet, of Ultraviolet Shanghai, surprises us by staging his Twins concept, in which two dishes are served to the customer that look exactly the same, except that one plate is built in savory and the other in sweet.

Multisensory Dining: It took chef Paul Pairet 15 years to execute his concept for Ultraviolet, the extravagant multisensory restaurant in Shanghai that has only 10 chairs. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet can be regarded as the most famous restaurant in Shanghai today. In the quest for the perfect culinary experience, restaurant owners will go to great lengths to create a unique dining atmosphere for customers.

Ultraviolet features a range of interesting technology from lighting to projections on the walls and even the tables. The venue, which is kept secret from the diners lucky enough to get a seat, even has technology fitted to disperse scent at certain points throughout the meal increasing diners perception of smell. The restaurant is pure theatrics; with surround sound, and floor-to-ceiling video screens, in an effort to provide diners with the ultimate multi-sensory experience.