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Their differentiators are typically based on being cheaper or better than their competitors. These offers are not very compelling. You have to think about how you can make your offer as irresistible as possible. The market is more important than the message. When it comes to the offer, you have to think about what it is that your audience truly wants, what they are craving for, or what frustrations they have.

With a great offer, you can say less and it will still sell. An example is the concept of selling money at a discount.

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This is where you sell any kind of offer that helps people make money, save money or invest. Selling money at a discount this way makes it an irresistible offer. We are going to send you two sets of knives.

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When an offer is so irresistible, logic goes out of the window. Now that you have the offer, list every single possible thing that your customers would get and would benefit from with your product or service. You want to mention every possible feature or element, even if it seems minor to you.

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between feature and benefit.

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A feature is what it is. A benefit is what it does. For example, think about a drill. The feature is the drill bid that has electricity. But the benefit is that it drills a hole very quickly.

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Or a fast computer. It features a core i7 processor. And the benefit is that you can play computer games faster. You can then refer to this list for a potential benefits driven statement in the form of a bullet point or a headline.

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You want to have up to a hundred on your list. So brainstorm from all kinds of angles. Think about any possible user and customer that can benefit from your offer in different ways.

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Since your prospects might be looking for different features and would value different things from each other, you need to list them all out to cover as much as possible. By going through this exercise, you already have a deeper understanding of your offer. Once you have the feature and the benefit, you can go deeper by exploring the concept called the benefit behind the benefit. It refers to that one thing or emotion that you can trigger when your customers buy a specific product or service.

Think about what it is that you are actually selling.

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What business are they in? What are they selling? You might think they are in the pizza business, but notice the first two words, fresh and hot. So they are actually in the business of speed. It is good practice to write multiple headlines. The more headlines you write, the better because there are so many different kinds of headline formulas. One of the best places to learn about how to write a good headline is when you go grocery shopping — pay attention to the checkout stands where you can see gossip or tabloid magazines.

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Those magazines have some of the best headlines in the world because of how well they grab your attention. If you study some of these magazines and their history every year, you will notice that they actually just recycle the headlines. This is a very powerful headline because of how well it captures the ideal customer: a martial arts enthusiast who wants to improve their speed. With our help, you can successfully escape freezing winters, crime, pollution, oil crises and mega stress.

They are not just selling a vacation home. They are talking about not letting your envious naysayers stop you — those people who doubt you and judge you. While this ad is for just a little vacation home, what it talks about is all emotional needs. The purpose of a headline is not to make the sale, but to simply get people to read the first paragraph. Remember to write multiple headlines and play around with words if you want it to be good.

This copywriter played around with the words freezing winters, crime, pollution — which are all very emotional words. Same as oil crisis, and mega stress. All very powerful and emotional words. STEP 5: Eliminate all objections with pre-emptive credibility. Most people nowadays are very skeptical, in fact they are more skeptical than ever. They are also more demanding than ever.

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So one way to work with this is to stack up your credibility. You have to use everything you possibly can because people are skeptical and you want to use that in your sales copy before they can even come up with objections. A good of example for this is infomercials. Most successful infomercials contain a big chunk of testimonials and people sharing stories.

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In these stories from the s and s, The Caped Crusader becomes the super-powered hero of the distant Planet X and an unintelligent creature who threatens Gotham City. On land, rational human interests dissolve this magic into prescriptive formulas of belonging to a…. Brendan and Hugh were four or five feet apart. Commenting on The Irish Times has changed. Hugh about cricket, how he always bought the Sunday Telegraph because it had the best coverage.

Sometimes you have infomercials where the entire thing is basically a testimonial. What other people say about you is infinitely more powerful than what you can say about yourself. Even if you talk about your key features and benefits, it is so much more effective when your customers are praising you with positive reviews such as:. Having testimonials is a great advantage for you, but you have to find out what access you have, and if you are fully utilizing them. Are you even collecting testimonials from your customers?

You have to think about how you could use the power of credibility in your business, so get as many as you could up to thousands. If your customers are happy, ask them for testimonials, case studies, endorsements, lengthy recommendations, or anything else that you can do. Use everything that you can. The Dan Lok Global Community now has over video testimonials. We are releasing three a day — Three new video stories or testimonials a day on YouTube.

Think in advance about all of the objections that your customers might have that are stopping them from buying your product. Its purpose is not to answer technical questions, but to demolish objections. Every single product that we have is backed by a day money back guarantee. You get all your money back and by the way, check out this link. Look at what 2, customers have to say about our product. Compare apples to oranges. Most people could do this for way less or free. They would have a lot of objections in their mind. So you overcome that by comparing apples to oranges.

When you have nothing to compare, they will come up with their own comparison, so compare for them. When you do a comparison, they are less likely to get fixated on the price.