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Ravenswood’s Brett Dier Dishes on Luke’s Family Tragedy and His Real Life Ghost Problem — Exclusive
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The voice is warm and the radiant high notes are emitted with aplomb. His technique is effortless and he is able to deploy beautiful vocal lines throughout the performance. Armed with these strengths Saimir Pirgu's Faust exploited the opportunity to be a substantial part of this tone theatre: His voice possesses the ease which is required for the typically high French tenor repertoire, but is sufficiently developed and powerful to tackle the concluding "invocation of the nature" with a rich middle voice, following the top notes in the duet with Marguerite up to a high C sharp!

Ammirevole il dosaggio delle forze in un artista ancora giovane e al debutto nel ruolo, dato che arriva al finale padroneggiando ancora fiati e acuti come in principio.

If I Could Go Back In Time: Ravenswood Pilot Review

He was the one to get the best result of the night. Aber er kann auch leise, schliesslich will er Butterfly nicht erschrecken. Er will sie nur haben. Amelia qui! L'ama il vegliardo! During the love duet, he decreased his volume and his voice took on appealing shades of honey. He not charmed not only the women, but also the whole Amsterdam public. This is the heaviest role so far sung by this excellent tenor, a Mozart and bel canto specialist. The timing must be right as he showed absolutely no strain. It was a delight to hear Puccini ardently sung and yet with the class and finesse of the Mozartian he is".

His voice is one of the most beautiful today, and it is a pleasure to hear him on stage". Pirgu sang a sweet-voiced serenade with idiomatic Italian sound". Pirgu, who played the Duke of Mantua in Rigoletto at the Royal Opera House last September, is still relatively young at 33 and could become one of the world's great tenors". The Shepherd is a tricky role to cast, you need a tenor who can sound lyrical but has the strength to project Szymanowski's long lines over the large orchestra and who can look physically seductive.

Saimir Pirgu gave one of the finest vocal accounts of the role that I have ever heard. He kept up a long, sinuous and highly seductive line throughout the opera, whilst looking highly attractive and visually striking". He shaded the higher notes most impressively. It's a difficult role that demands an ease at the top with a weight of sound throughout — Pirgu certainly has it at the top.

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A notable portrayal Saimir Pirgu's Shepherd was also superb — the voice used with glorious abandon and a heady cocktail of seduction and steel in the tone". In his voice was a huge culture of dignity and singing - seduced, focus on all the attention". The sometimes high flying role presented little in the way of problems for Pirgu who sailed through the score with ease earning a hearty applause at his curtain".

He has a surprisingly strong, dark voice with lots of interesting rich undertones. He sang with a near ideal combination of heroic and lyric tones, combining some strongly dramatic moments with some flexible, floated lines The audience was rightly enthusiastic and we were treated to two encores". I didn't hesitate when I saw the chance to attend his Rosenblatt Recital at the Wigmore Hall tonight.

He delighted with his great technique, that has led him to conquer the most important stages worldwide. The brass of his voice fills the room without excess, his powerful high notes keep the warm splendid colour of his centre, and the exact amount of vibrato helps his voice flow in the air keeping its presence. Reaching his mids, he already has the perfect voice for lyric roles That is really impressive. How lucky are we in London to have the chance to enjoy so many great voices this often?

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It won't be easy to forget the warm round bright brass of Saimir Pirgu's: the silver horn will echo for a long while". An ambitious "Fuor del mar" ended the recital's first half; Idomeneo's music is not an easy ride for anyone, and that such a young artist is able to give so persuasive an account of it was impressive". Verdi is clearly where he feels at home. He shone in Questa o quella from Rigoletto and Ah, la paterno mano from Macbeth in which Saimir clearly felt most at home".

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So it is not surprising that at the end the audience had to wipe their eyes before applauding. From the beginning, the Albanian tenor, Saimir Pirgu, sang with force and at the same time, the delicacy of a passionate poet". At once, his singing of 'Nei cieli bigi guardo fumar dai mille comignoli Parigi' was filled with poetic wonder, his imagination burning with the heat that eluded his body.

In Rodolfo's celebrated aria, 'Che gelida manina, se la lasci riscaldar,' Mr. Pirgu phrased with the elegance of a Tagliavini or Bergonzi and made light of the repeated assaults on his upper register.


Saimir Pirgu makes a dashing Duke, and delivers handsomely. He is possessed of a pleasing and powerful tenor instrument. On opening night, his rendering of 'Parmi veder le lagrime' was persuasive". Saimir Pirgu makes a super-confident playboy of a Duke The part of Don Ottavio, Donna Anna's fiance, might have faded into the woodwork, save for the beautiful warm voice of Albanian tenor Saimir Pirgu". Of a cast that by and large sang too loudly for the space, Pirgu admirably reigned in his instrument as needed".

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His infectious smile withers as Don Octavio tries to save his beloved. All our attention focuses on his beautiful clear voice, which is highlighted by a penetrating edge. He could be an IT tenor—surpassing others who have his good looks but not his marvelous voice.

If I Could Go Back In Time: Ravenswood Pilot Review

Earlier this year in Traviata at the Metropolitan Opera he was enchanting". Sin lugar a dudas, sus intervenciones fueron lo mejor de la noche". His contagious geniality is a strength in the Rigoletto arias. An enticing lyric tenor with a shade of tenore di grazia, Pirgu's voice is a light if convincing instrument. Pirgu is certainly a singer to take note of".

The handsome young lyric tenor sang with a sweet, luxuriant tone reminiscent of Carlo Bergonzi and acted with all the burning passion required for a character who's essentially a cross between Romeo, Heathcliff and Alfredo Germont". He was already a fine tenor when he first came to LA to sing Rinuccio in the company's Gianni Schicchi, but he has since become one of the world's most important interpreters of lyric tenor roles.

Even with the inclusion of an extra scene in this production, he sounded as fresh at the end of the opera as he did when it began". His aria at the graveyard is tender and touching". As Edgardo, her star-crossed lover, Saimir Pirgu blossomed wonderfully in the heights and rose with unflagging stamina and clarity to the cruelly high-flying lines in his death scene. The Albanian tenor acted with virile and persuasive energy, signaling in his quicksilver shifts in emotion that he, like all the principals, was a bit mad.

But that's what bel canto opera is and why we love it". But Pirgu does bring an abundance of fire and heart-on-sleeve intensity to the role of Edgardo, last master of Ravenswood. His voice is as stalwart and eruptive as his character, complete with crooning softness and solid high notes". He sang the part for all its worth but kept his ear on the long line and sweet tone.

E il cantante albanese, vincitore del "Pavarotti d'oro", l'ha elargito tante volte alla platea entusiasta dell'Asioli di Correggio in occasione della settima edizione del premio-serata benefica voluta da Franco Casarini, al secolo "Panocia", amico fraterno del tenorissimo. Pirgu has a strong stage presence, a bright forthright sound and a beautiful lyric quality from a sound technique".

Saimir Pirgu in der Deutschen Oper Berlin

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L'interprete ha messo in luce il lato passionale del personaggio, risultando convincente soprattutto nel duetto con Gilda e nell'aria 'Ella mi fu rapita! Pirgu ha saputo creare un personaggio vivo,carismatico,veramente magnetici sulla scena e scolpito negli accenti cantati! La sua voce giovanile e sonora, corposamente timbrata in tutta l'estensione, gli consente di spaziare con padronanza colori in tutta la partitura".

Spontaneity, fluency of his singing and awareness of his possibilities are his greatest qualities, and it will be highly interesting to listen to the artistic and interpretative development of his vocality in the next decades". His is a wonderful voice, intelligently and humbly subservient to the music. His solo Benedictus, as well as the previously mentioned Domine Deus, was as moving as it was musically admirable".

Pirgu is an extraordinary tenor with a beautiful sound, a free technique and a very musical approach to his arias. His use of voix mixe in the 'Benedictus' was amazing". Exceptionally boyish, gently ardent and at ease in stratospheric flights, he also provided a telling, possibly intentional, contrast with the other tenor on duty". He matched his co-stars' intensity, and his voice sounded honeyed Pirgu, who is gaining renown under the sobriquet of 'the Albanian tenor,' sang with fervor and increasing confidence In the later scenes his voice took on a lovely bloom that meshed beautifully with Damrau's vibrant sound.

He moves with the heedless grace of the young Alain Delon He has a heart-stopping moment early on Vi fia grato? He has the voice to be a great star". Vocally he's exactly what you want from a Duke - light and bright with a very easy top that seems to go on forever". Su tutti, a mio parere, Saimir Pirgu, da molti considerato il miglior Duca dei nostri giorni". Like Rossini, Mercadante's Count is a tenor and Pirgu's lyric instrument was a delight, with agility and depth, and well fitted the role".

Entrambe le sue arie in particolare "Dalla sua pace" sono state veri e propri capolavori". Il merito va anche alla bravura e "tenuta" di due interpreti maschili: il bass-baritono Ildebrando D'Arcangelo e il tenore Saimir Pirgu Don Ottavio che sa veramente "cantare bene". Affrontata con tanta elegante sicurezza, diventa quasi una rivelazione e rende il personaggio dell'amoroso ben diversamente rilevante sia musicalmente che scenicamente".

His acting encompassed the full scale of passionate to tender, to devastated, to ragingly furious — and so did his voice. His soulful rendition of "Dei Miei Bollenti Spiriti — one of Alfredo's signature arias — vividly evoked a man joyfully contemplating his happiness even while anticipating the tragedy of separation and worse ahead. Pirgu confided that some tenors have a problem with singing Alfredo in dressing room comments ahead of the performance.

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He was second to none though on Wednesday with depiction that was right on vocally as well as dramatically". Notable es su progreso en fraseo y variaciones de volumen y color. I was pleasantly surprised. His was the best-sung Rodolfo in this run of performances". The tenor portrayed his character with the vocal ease of a true virtuoso and the dramatic force of a keen actor, thus taking the part to a higher musical and emotional level.

Pirgu literally kept the audience on the edge of their seats in his duet with Coburn Verranno a te sull'aure a piece much underestimated by opera lovers these days. The artist boasted both vocal power and ability to blend beautifully with the voice of his partner, thus leading and supporting her at the same time. With the main theme from this duet returning throughout the opera, Pirgu managed to give it a unique coloring every single time he sang it.

But the cause of a deceased friend is sacred; and I disdain to bottom it so superficially. I have visited the sign in question, which yet swings exalted in the village of Langdirdum; and I am ready to depone upon the oath that what has been idly mistaken or misrepresented as being the fifth leg of the horse, is, in fact, the tail of that quadruped, and, considered with reference to the posture in which he is delineated, forms a circumstance introduced and managed with great and successful, though daring, art.

This bold conception has fortunately fallen into the custody of one by whom it is duly valued; for, when Dick, in his more advanced state of proficiency, became dubious of the propriety of so daring a deviation to execute a picture of the publican himself in exchange for this juvenile production, the courteous offer was declined by his judicious employer, who had observed, it seems, that when his ale failed to do its duty in conciliating his guests, one glance at his sign was sure to put them in good humour. It would be foreign to my present purpose to trace the steps by which Dick Tinto improved his touch, and corrected, by the rules of art, the luxuriance of a fervid imagination.