Getting Into College: A Guide for Students and Parents

Getting your kid into college: Where to draw the line when offering help
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The fourth edition of Admission Matters is a comprehensive, up-to-date, insightful, and thoroughly readable book on the current scene in college admissions.

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Written by three education professionals who have devoted their careers to working with high school and college students in the roles of counselor, admissions officer, teacher, and administrator, it provides first-rate advice on all the nuts and bolts of college admissions, from developing a balanced college list, taking standardized tests, writing effective essays, to applying for financial aid. It includes thoroughly updated information on all aspects of the college admissions process, including special sections on athletics, the arts, learning disabilities, homeschooling, and transferring, as well as a a chapter for international students.

The book can easily stand alone as the best current how-to manual available. It skillfully guides readers to stay calm and balanced during the admission process and helps them put it in perspective.

The Parent’s Role in Planning for College

Not only does The Starter Guide to College for Clueless Students and Parents offer some of the most in-depth insight I've ever read on college admission, but. How To Get Your Child Into College: The Parents' Guide To College She shows college-bound students exactly how to complete the college.

Teenagers and their parents can easily get caught up in the anxiety of making important decisions without reliable information and a clear understanding of the pieces fit together. The authors are themselves parents who have undertaken this journey with their own children. There is an answer to every question. The stakes seem high, but if you are deliberate and thoughtful, you will be just fine.

College Planning Guide for Students & Parents - Best Value Schools

The book provides links to numerous websites and tools and an excellent resources section for further reading. Teachers of graduate courses in college counseling at several leading universities even make it required reading in their classes.

That said, we understand that this is your investment, and we are always available by phone, email, or in person where offered to answer questions or address concerns. College Coach is one of the family services provided by Bright Horizons. Bright Horizons also offers college advising to employers as a company benefit.


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How to Get Into College - A Step By Step Guide to Getting Into College

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College Planning Guide for Students & Parents

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