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Du kanske gillar. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. According to Dr. Michael Salla and many other ET researchers, for almost 70 years the US government has engaged in an extensive "official effort" of disinformation, intimidation and tampering with evidence in order to maintain a non-disclosure policy about extraterrestrial presence.

Correspondence encouraging his research and unsolicited information from former government, military, intelligence employees confirm many of his hypotheses. And that powerful and appropriate circumstance will owe much to Michael Salla.

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When those communicating with extraterrestrials recognize the vital interests of all parties directly affected by negotiations, then we have "principled negotiations"…. Three Conventional Political Models. We witness examples of this with ambassadors and diplomats stationed at national embassies around the world to promote their national policies.

Diplomacy can be defined as:. In the United States, ambassadors are nominated by the President and appointed by the U. In the recent era, diplomacy has increasingly been defined in terms of diplomats representing the national interests of their states which transcend moral principles or global imperatives. Richelieu was Prime Minister of France from This was something that appeared to be shocking and immoral in the Christian world, but nevertheless became the official policy of France. Since the thirty years War , the concept of national interest has subsequently become the basis of diplomatic interactions and the chief concern of diplomats representing their nation in the global community.

As far as the idea of vital interests of all parties in a negotiation is concerned, we can see how national interest has historically evolved to trump the vital interests of "weaker parties" when it comes to negotiations. Put simply, diplomatic discussions that emphasize the national interests of states, the vital interests of some typically weaker parties impacted by the discussions are secondary.

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In this book, I discuss some of the persuasive evidence of clandestine official meetings between national governments and extraterrestrial races since at least the s…. These meetings led the Eisenhower administration to establish agreements with extraterrestrial civilizations based on the national interest of the U. There was an absence of any moral imperative to inform the general public due to the profound nature of this initial contact between extraterrestrial civilizations and a major Earth government.

This policy was merely a continuation of the now well established doctrine that national interest would trump morality whenever they came into conflict. The result has been that the vital interests of US and other national citizens have been violated, at least at an individual level. The secret agreements between extraterrestrial civilizations and the U. The meetings and consequent agreements established between extraterrestrial races and the U.

The information of these meetings and agreements continue to remain highly classified, and off limits to the most senior of elected political officials. This even includes Presidents such as Clinton and Carter who were denied access to documents detailing the extraterrestrial presence.

More surprising is that even senior military officers are often kept out of the loop as exemplified in the case of Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson who in served as the intelligence chief for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Wilson was denied access to classified projects involving UFO technologies that he learned about through non-official sources. These diplomatic meetings have thus followed the traditional form of diplomatic relations where appointed officials represent the national interests of their countries in meetings with foreign powers.

This indicates that diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial civilizations have proceeded despite the secrecy surrounding the existence of extraterrestrial races, and the secret contact established with the U. It may be assumed that the U.

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After all, we private citizens have been kept out of the loop on the reality of extraterrestrial life, does that mean we have no relevance when it comes to representing the interests of our planet with off-world visitors? Thus defined, the different nation states representing the regional territories and populations on Earth collectively represent the Earth. This narrow reading of who represents the Earth, as far as galactic diplomacy is concerned, would lead to three models of diplomatic representations for the Earth. The first would be that multilateral institutions such as the United Nations would have the necessary legitimacy and authority to represent planet Earth in diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Presumably, the United Nations UN would represent the global interests of all states rather than the national interests of any one particular state. Russia and China would represent the Earth in diplomatic meetings with extraterrestrial civilizations. The dominant powers would presumably prioritize their national interests rather than the global interests of all the nations of Earth. This appears to have been the case thus far due to the minor role played by the United Nations in dealing with the extraterrestrial presence.

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Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET [Dr Michael E Salla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book introduces first hand witness. Editorial Reviews. Review. This book is a comprehensive source for individuals who think that Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET by [Salla, Michael].

The third representational model is a hybrid where major global powers establish diplomatic relations with extraterrestrials, cooperate among themselves, and have these relations legitimized in multilateral institutions such as the United Nations. Consequently, a narrow interpretation of who represents the Earth leads to the answer, major world governments and the multilateral institutions which they comprise and dominate. There is however a broader definition of who represents the Earth which goes beyond the notion of geographical territory and population controlled by a national government.

This broader definition involves Earth having different constituencies that may have diplomatic standing among extraterrestrial civilizations. The vital interests of these constituencies go far beyond the concept of national interest relating to modern nations and international diplomacy. Different Constituencies with Vital Interests. In addition to humans as an intelligent sentient species, we can include cetaceans such as dolphins and whales that have exhibited a high degree of intelligence and communicative skills.

In analyzing Dolphin communications and intelligence, Dr Michael Hyson claims that:. Because they have larger brains, more available cortex, and more processing power available because of their lives in water the Cetacea, including the dolphins, are more intelligent than we are. Consequently, the intelligence and communicative abilities of cetaceans, and other intelligent animals such as elephants that also have large brains, is something that some extraterrestrial visitors might recognize.

Put simply, they each have their own vital interests that need to be considered in any negotiations that directly impact upon them.

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These subterranean races or intraterrestrials have been described to be both human descendants of ancient kingdoms such as Lemuria , and a non-human race that has reptilian characteristics. Evidence from a wide range of sources including government whistleblowers, contactees and remote viewers give credence to the existence of such subterranean races that have technologies far more advanced than surface humanity. According to Brad Steiger , for example, these ancient human civilizations went underground many millennia ago:.

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The Old Ones, an immensely intelligent and scientifically advanced race … have chosen to structure their own environment under the surface of the planet and manufacture all their necessities. The Old Ones are hominid, extremely long-lived, and pre-date Homo sapiens by more than a million years. Furthermore, according to a range of whistleblower and contactee testimonies, there appears to be a group of Reptilians who are indigenous to Earth. Some researchers contend that most if not all UFO reports are actually sightings of the ships of these subterranean races rather than beings from other worlds.

I now move to the fourth constituency which may initially come as a shock to many readers. It is based on the idea that the Earth itself can be regarded as a sentient being, or at least as a self-regulating entity, and therefore has vital interests that would be acknowledged by some extraterrestrial civilizations. Lavelock writes:. I recognize that to view the Earth as if it were alive is just a convenient, but different, way of organizing the facts of the Earth.

I am of course prejudiced in favor of Gaia and have filled my life for the past twenty-five years with the thought that Earth may be alive: not as the ancients saw her - a sentient Goddess with a purpose and foresight - but alive like a tree. A tree that quietly exists, never moving except to sway in the wind, yet endlessly conversing with the sunlight and the soil. Using sunlight and water and nutrient minerals to grow and change. But all done so imperceptibly, that to me the old oak tree on the green is the same as it was when I was a child. The Gaia hypothesis that Earth is a sentient being that exhibits consciousness and life, at least insofar as it is self-regulating, is something that we can expect some extraterrestrials might recognize.

Consequently, the question of who represents Earth in establishing diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial civilizations is far more complex given the existence of different constituencies each of which has its own vital interests. These constituencies presumably have some standing among the various courts, councils and alliances that make up the various extraterrestrial civilizations that I will later identify are visiting the Earth.

A Comprehensive Representational Model. While appointed officials have de facto power to participate in meetings and agreements with extraterrestrial groups, I will show how these operate with great secrecy and remain unaccountable to the citizenry of different nations who remain oblivious to the existence of such meetings and agreements. Furthermore, elected political representatives are denied this information thereby raising the constitutional status of such meetings and treaties and the de jure authority of these.

The U.

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Constitution, for example, specifically states that all treaties to which the U. Article II, section 2, states:.

However, this constitutional provision has been bypassed by a series of executive orders and congressional actions that make it possible for agreements to be signed and implemented without the consent of two-thirds of the Senate nor with the knowledge of the general public. These extra-constitutional arrangements have dubious legal standing and while these may at most have standing for short periods such as national emergencies, it is extremely doubtful that their legal standing would be sufficient for a semi-permanent arrangement which has existed for almost 60 years.

In short, the diplomatic representatives of major nations that meet and draw up agreements with extraterrestrial civilizations have dubious constitutional validity, at least in the U. I identified earlier other constituencies that need to be included in the question of who represents Earth in diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial civilizations. All species that have sentience, intelligence and the ability to communicate by telepathic or other means with extraterrestrial civilizations would have some diplomatic standing. Included among these sentient life forms are the remnants of earlier human civilizations and non-human e.

It would be reasonable to assume that sentient life forms might already have diplomatic standing among extraterrestrial civilizations. Finally, the next important constituency we need to consider as relevant for visiting extraterrestrials is the planet itself. I will spend some time discussing this Gaia hypothesis since this offers some important insights into developing a comprehensive model for addressing the question of who speaks for planet Earth. As mentioned earlier, the Gaia hypothesis posits that Earth is a living consciousness that displays sentience insofar as it is self-regulating. Therefore the Earth itself might be considered a viable actor in diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial races. A vivid analogy of the Gaia hypothesis is the film Avatar. Pandora was thus saved by the interconnected nature of life on this fictional world, and the ability of its indigenous peoples to communicate with the Spirit of Pandora and protect its vital interests.

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Michael E. Alternatively, those desiring to become active in citizen diplomacy initiatives, will be given essential information for discerning the motivations and activities of visiting extraterrestrial civilizations. In frustration over lack of government transparency with their citizens, some extraterrestrials began contacting private citizens to inform them of the true nature of alien activities on Earth, and relations with governments. Publish To Social Networks. His former academic website is available here. This item has an extended handling time and a delivery estimate greater than 13 business days. Visit Seller's Storefront Terms of Sale: We guarantee the condition of every book as it's described on the Abebooks web sites.

On Earth, this is often demonstrated by indigenous peoples whose lives are filled by rituals and ceremonies establishing a connection with the land, and communicating with it to establish ecological balance. Just as a simple organism has a survival mechanism that influences its behavior, so too Earth exhibits communicative tendencies with indigenous peoples aimed at maintaining planetary balance.

This suggests that the Earth, like any species, has at a minimum, a communicative component which makes it self-regulating, and demonstrates some degree of intelligence that promotes the evolution of sentient life in a way that maintains planetary balance or homeostasis as Lovelock describes it. The intelligence and vital interests of Earth is something that sentient species can choose to align themselves with, and is a process that humanity is only beginning to fathom. If Gaia demonstrates intelligence and communicative abilities, one may ask,. Pacific coast? It can be posited that the vital interests of Earth are represented by those life forms, human or otherwise, that align themselves with the intelligence and communications of the biosphere.

Thus human or other sentient terrestrial species in alignment with the intelligence and vital interests of the Earth have diplomatic standing among extraterrestrial civilizations presumably willing to recognize the sentience of Earth, as a constituency in any negotiations affecting the whole planet.

Recognizing the Earth as a legitimate constituency in establishing diplomatic relations leads to the intriguing possibility that some portions of humanity may be more legitimate than others in representing Earth as an organic unit. Rather than diplomatic representation of Earth being something that pertains solely to different nations with their elected representatives and appointed officials, it may be that individuals or groups in alignment with the vital interests of Earth may have greater diplomatic standing for some extraterrestrial visitors.