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20 Questions: Ex-NHLer Derek Sanderson on running the town and sleeping on its benches
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He was also nominated for two Emmys for a U. It has been broadcast worldwide. He was one of ten business journalists selected from around the world by Columbia for the prestigious Knight-Bagehot Fellowship that provides an opportunity for those chosen to deepen their understanding of business. Howard Green began covering business in From , he produced and reported for CBC's info technology and media series, Undercurrents , and from until , Green made nearly a dozen documentaries for which he received a number of awards.

His work has been seen in some 50 countries. Green is currently a special advisor to the Chairman of Dyslexia Canada. In addition to writing books, Green moderates at conferences and is a communications consultant. Curriculum Vitae Full Bio. The book became an immediate number one national bestseller. Railway Age editor-in-chief William C. Vantuono called it "the definitive volume on the life and career" of Hunter Harrison.

A valuable history and, as well, a great read. Journal of Commerce "Thorough, readable, and expansive biography. Published by HarperCollins in October, It was an immediate bestseller. In March , it was named a finalist for the National Business Book Award and was released in paperback in October Audio book available, autumn It has also been on the list of bestselling business books.

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Fear Again (Derek Sanderson Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Stephen Brady. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. [BOOKS] Fear Again (Derek Sanderson Series Book 2) by Stephen Brady. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read.

Selected Awards. His demo reel of interview samples is in three parts. Oh, yeah, yeah. I had this girl; she dumped me; she took the money.

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It was raining out, spitting all over the place. I lay down with The New York Times.

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Stay dry on both sides. What is the best way to steal a mickey of vodka from a store? How does one go from being a late-night television guest star, a professional hockey player and a nightclub owner to a homeless man stealing booze in New York City? You list a half-dozen reasons why you started drinking: Does one stand out? It was in my family. How pervasive do you think alcohol was as medication either for physical or emotional pain in NHL dressing rooms?

I really wanted to play hockey. I mean, kids today, with such rampant pornography on the Internet? They know everything, how to do things.

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I remember my first time was a disaster. What do you do when you get nervous or scared now?

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And then you got deeper than just booze. To drink more. Cocaine only keeps you up so you can drink more.

How long did it take you to prepare an eight-ball of cocaine? And you cut one up, you take a look at it, then double that pile — [cuts imaginary lines with hand on table] — then double that pile, then double that pile, then cut it three ways. Buy big companies that you know will consistently grow, that will have maybe a franchise, like a CVS drug stores … You want to put a plan together.

You need a plan. The 40th anniversary of the Summit Series just passed. The evolution of Derek Sanderson. Sanderson's time with the Blazers was an unqualified disaster due to pressure to perform, Sanderson's wild private life plus an injured shoulder and a slipped disk in his back. All of this prompted the Blazers to buy out his contract after a mere eight games, six points and 69 penalty minutes.

Sanderson during his brief time with the Blazers.

Notice the cigarette in his mouth! He returned to the Bruins for 25 games of the season, for what proved to be essentially a lost season of only 38 combined games, including the playoffs. He managed less than 30 games with Boston in and was traded to the New York Rangers for the season. He rebounded somewhat on the ice with 25 goals and 50 points, but it was in New York that his drinking started to get the better of him. Sanderson was traded to the New York Rangers in Sanderson's off-ice issues limited him to less than two full seasons in St.

tukirestvepic.tk He began the season out of hockey, but made a late season signing with the Pittsburgh Penguins in March of , scoring his final four NHL points in 13 games before his hobbled knees and otherwise deteriorating physical condition led to his retirement. Sanderson's last stop was with the Penguins. Finally after several years, thanks in part to former teammate Bobby Orr , Sanderson began to get the help he needed in rehab. Orr stuck with him until the cure finally took hold - after 13 drug and alcohol clinics, where doctors told him he was addicted to 11 different drugs. Once back on his feet, literally and figuratively, after no less than five hip replacement surgeries due to decaying bones caused by years of drug abuse, for which he cannot take pain medication for fear of an addiction relapse, he began a career as a sportscaster and also eventually provided financial advice to young athletes to help ensure that they did not end up losing all their money in the same way he once did.

He currently also in involved in with several charitable organizations, making guest appearances to use his celebrity to raise awareness and money for their causes. A healthy and happy Sanderson today. Today's featured jersey is a Boston Bruins Derek Sanderson jersey as worn when Sanderson and the Bruins captured the Stanley Cup, the first of two in Sanderson's career. Sanderson was first assigned 23 with the Bruins and then 16 when he became a regular member of the roster.

Following his return after his brief stay in Philadelphia he wore 27 for a year, then changing to He wore 4 in New York before a change to He wore 19 in St.

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Louis and again Vancouver but was able to reclaim his preferred 16 in Pittsburgh. After his ill-fated singing with Vancouver of the WHA, which lasted all of eight games, Sanderson was able to return to the Bruins where he was give the 27 to wear, as 16 was now being worn by Fred O'Donnell. In this next video, Sanderson the broadcaster gives his thoughts on the closing of the Boston Garden. Here Sanderson recalls Bobby Orr's game winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals that he assisted on and then gets into the topic of sobriety and his friendship with Bobby Orr, a nice way to conclude today.

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